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Be divided into in-roll, reverse-roll, upturn, extension, etc. The perimeter is Buy Shrooms Canada full and neat, or wavy and irregular or torn.

Cortex on the surface of the cap. The cortical hyphae contain 

Different pigments, thus making the caps show various colors. Below 

The cortex is the fungus flesh, 

Which is generally composed of long filamentous hyphae, and some of them are composed of swollen vesicular hyphae. 

The color of the fungus flesh and the change in color after injury are often different for different species. Generally, the flesh is mostly 

White or dirty white, and some are light yellow or red. For example , the flesh of porcini mushrooms mostly turns blue-blue after being injured.

The black mushrooms turn red at first and then black, the reticulate mushrooms turn brown after wounding, and the black wax umbrella turns black after wounding. 

The fruit layer is the part that grows under the cap to produce the fruit layer, some of which are leaf-shaped, called seedling pleats. Some are tubular, called fungal tube . 

The gills are arranged radially, connecting to the top of the stipe toward the center and reaching the edge of the seedling cover outward.

Mushrooms, etc. can also be collected in large quantities for sale in domestic and foreign markets. medicinal mushroom At present , 

There are more than 500 species of large fungi that are used for medicinal purposes in China, including those with medicinal efficacy. 

In addition to the traditional medicinal Poria , Cordyceps sinensis , and Ganoderma lucidum , newly discovered and used medicinally in recent years include Yunzhi, Shuhua, and Cordyceps Etc., as well as 

Pseudo Armillaria, Anluo small skin, Trametes sophorae, opalescent rake, charcoal fungus and so on. The medicinal parts are mainly fruiting bodies, but some are processed into pharmaceuticals by 

massively counteracting mycelium through modern fermentation industry technology. Research and experiments at home and abroad 

show that natural medicinal fungi have their unique advantages. At present, in the

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