Autumn taste mushroom What is that amazing power?

Why are mushrooms said to be good for your health?


・ Abundant vitamin B group that is indispensable for metabolism of sugar and lipid
Vitamin B1 golden emperor mushrooms .

golden emperor mushrooms

That is indispensable when converting sugar into energy, vitamin that promotes metabolism of lipid and is necessary for cell regeneration of skin, hair, nails, etc. B2 is also abundant. 

Those who often eat greasy foods and carbohydrates are paying attention.


・ Prevent osteoporosis! Expected to have the effect of adjusting female
hormones Vitamin D that balances female hormones and strengthens bones and teeth. Its predecessor, ergosterol, quickly changes to vitamin D when exposed to ultraviolet light, so if you dry it in the sun before cooking, it will be more effective.


・ Mushroom-specific ingredient Mushroom chitosan helps prevent lifestyle-related diseases ◎
Mushroom chitosan has the effect of suppressing fat absorption, reducing triglycerides and preventing metabolic syndrome.


・ Mushrooms, which are rich in dietary fiber,
are about 90% water and have few energy sources such as lipids and sugars, so they are extremely low in calories. Since it is rich in dietary fiber, it interferes with the absorption of cholesterol and fat and activates the function of the intestines. Also effective for constipation!


・ Plenty of potassium, a mineral that is usually deficient!
The body of modern people who tend to rely on processed foods and lack of vegetables. Plenty of nutrients and minerals that are indispensable for preparing it. Potassium is especially abundant, and it discharges sodium, which causes excessive salt content, and helps prevent swelling.


・ Efficiently enhances the body's immune system and suppresses cancer cells!
The biggest reason why mushrooms are attracting medical attention is the immunity-boosting effect of β-glucan. It not only protects the body from foreign enemies such as bacteria and viruses, but also suppresses cancer cells. Among mushrooms, it is especially abundant in shiitake mushrooms.


Since dietary fiber, which is abundant in mushrooms, is excreted almost without being absorbed by the body, it not only improves constipation, but also prevents a rapid rise in blood sugar level and suppresses fat absorption.


It is also rich in vitamins B1 and B2, which are essential nutrients for dieting that promote fat burning and increase carbohydrate metabolism.
Not only that, vitamin D, which is indispensable for efficient calcium intake, potassium, which prevents swelling and has a detoxifying effect, and trehalose, which moderates sugar absorption and has a skin-beautifying effect, are good nutrients during dieting. Abundant.
The mushroom itself is around 100g 15Kcal, which is low in calories and is safe to eat a lot.

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