How To Make Your Palm Angels Look Amazing In 5 Days

A normal Palm Angels pair of khaki pants another good golf gift idea is a golf club cover I actually got one for Patrick for his birthday.

Palm Angels
Palm Angels

He wanted a putter cover and I got him one that is like a usa theme to it it's really really nice.

Like leather material super cool these are another affordable golf gift option.

  • I think it was like  bucks you can also get really unique ones especially for like .
  • A driver they have like full like bear heads and like sports team mascot covers  like all different ones if
  • You have a guy who is really obsessed .
  • with their dog then crown and paul is the perfect gift idea so i actually worked with

Them last year on a gift guide and this video is not sponsored at all but i just  wanted to mention them again because i  love

Their pet portraits they have like  so many cutesy pet portraits and stuff  on etsy that i feel like you know a lot  of girls and dog moms love but crown and  paul really does like the pet

Portraits  for guys they have so many different  funny looking portraits and again this  would look so good down in a man

Cave so  they basically just photoshop the head  of your dog onto a bunch of different  portraits so they have like renaissance  themed ones they have movies hours is of  the

Step brothers photo from the movie  and it is of both of their dogs so they  can do two dogs or just one so many  different funny ideas .

That you could go  for with this next up some sort of like  unique whiskey glass i think would be a  fun gift idea you could get them .

A  whiskey glass and then a whiskey wedge  which basically just like sits inside  the glass and then you pour the whiskey  and it's like at an angle and .

I don't  really know why  this is good for whiskey drinking but  apparently it is so if you guys know let  me know.

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